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“Fatmagul”‘s story is of strength, justice and karma. How a rape victim turned into a powerful women? And how love can transform hate into an intimate relationship? How Fatmagul finally got justice and how she carried her life later on?
Fatmagul Serial has been broadcasted in 24 countries in their native languages. Countries including Egypt, Afghanistan, Middle East, Pakistan etc and now in India.  Basically it is a Turkish Drama.
Plot/Story/Synopsis Wiki – The plot revolves around a girl name Fatmagul, who lives in a village in Turkey with her brother and sister in law. Fatmagul was engaged with a local fishermen and was hoping to marry him soon.

On the night of engagement of a richest business man’s son Fatmagul was working as helper to earn some money which she wanted to use later on for her wedding. Later that night she had to also see off her fiance who was going to the sea for fishing.

She decided to complete her work and get early leave so she could see off her fiance on the seashore. After the engagement ceremony the son of business man along his cousin and friends got drunk and took drugs to enjoy .Fatmagul Zindagi TV Serial Story | Synopsis | Plot |Cast

They decided to go to the seashore where unfortunately Fatmagul was also heading to see off her fiance. Just when Fatmagul reached there she didn’t see her fiance as he left already. She did saw four boys who were completely drunk, feeling scared she started running but was captured by the drunkards.

She was ganged raped by 3 men and one of the four man whose name was “Kerim” did not rape her. But he also didn’t realize that what was happening infront of him was rape as he was drugged by his friend.
Kerim was not from a very rich background he was a local blacksmith and childhood friend of the richies who ganged rape Fatmagul.

The serial get really twisted when Kerim marry Fatmagul to protect her. Fatmagul didn’t go to the police as her sister in law took money from the rapist to stay quiet.

She was suppressed to accept everything and forget her childhood love her fiance. Her fiance also left her after hearing that she was gang raped and held her responsible for everything. Fatmagul lost all hopes to get justice and eventually had to marry the man who saw her being raped by 3 men.

She started her life again after suffering from a severe trauma. She moved to Istanbul and started working as a waitress and started studying privately. She came back to life by the support of a women Maryam who found her in the woods when she was raped.

She was actually the sister of Kerim. After wedding Fatmagul couldn’t accept Kerim and hated him from core. Maryam helped her recover and come back to life. With her support and love Fatmagul stood up on her feet again.


  • Beren Saat as Fatmagul
  • Engin Akyurek as Kerim
  • Firat as Mustafa
  • Esra as Mukaddes
  • Bugra Gulsoy as Vural
  • Kaan Tasaner as Erdogan
  • Engine Ozturk as Selim
  • Sevtap Ozaltun as Asude/Hacer
  • Seda Guven
  • Musa Uzunlar

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  1. Strong story…….
    really outstanding actors…..
    it is really good to watch story like this. It is very hard to describe the agony through which rape victim goes through but the way Beren Saat as fatmagul has done is really appreciable . Engin Akyurek as kerim is really good and the pain in his eyes and the guiltiness through which he goes through has really shown well.
    Great show to watch n m really thankfull to ZINDAGI channel

    1. thanks to ZINDAGI. i have M.S.,a neuro disease,always i am depressed,this story give me new life(zindagi).

  2. It’s fantastic. .story of Turkey. The most important thing is that rape victomgirl mange her life. .and restart. And the acter kirem also a aswem …super by thal serail we may able to know about turkey drama..and everything which are the part of this serial. .i like

  3. He is very good turki Drama now in India. I love fatmagul character is Awesome. I love very Much.

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  13. Really! the Story of Fatmagul is quite good
    it gives hope and encourages the women who have been suffered
    And of course Bergen Saat as ‘Fatmagul’ and Engin Akyurek as Kerim, has done a good job!
    Hope that their story achieve a well deserved end

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    And the directory was awesome. Ive got something new to experience. Just loved it.

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    I request zindagi to keep bringing such shows to india

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    1. if possible give subtitles of names of places where it is happening.Like marriage court where Kerin and fatmagul are married.

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