‘Adhuri Kahani Hamari’ to go off-air | Last Episode | Dwiki.in

The show ‘Adhuri Kahani Hamari’ has managed to gain popularity and appreciation since its inception. It adapted various kinds of storylines where daayans and naagins became an integral part of the show.

It also recently completed 100 episodes and the crew was very happy about it. However, the happiness doesn’t seem to be lasting long, as the show is set to go off-air in the last week of April.

Apparently, the low ratings haven’t really changed even after adding the various twists and turns in the show and it has pretty much reached a standstill.

According to sources, the show will be replaced by the same production company’s (4 Lions Productions) new show.

There are also talks about Laksh Lalwani and Mahima Makwana re-starring in the new show, however, nothing is confirmed as of yet.

We tried contacting Mahima, who asked us to call later and remained unavailable then.

However, she did retweet the stories about the show going off-air, indirectly giving confirmation about the same.

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